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How delivery boxes can drive footfall in the outlets?

The covid-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live, the way we do business, and the way our economy functions as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis has led to a big increase in e-commerce around the world. It has become a major trend among consumers across all demographics. With the new buying habits that consumers are forming now, and the ways that businesses are adapting in response, existing customers are increasing the frequency of online purchases, and new customers are buying online for the first time. All this could translate to traditional physical stores likely to close down, if they fail to transform fast. 


QR codes have become an indispensable part of our new contactless world and businesses are embracing them. While you might not realize it, QR codes are in more places than you may think nowadays. To list a few, you can find the influencers using it, during live streams, in the magazines, on business cards, storefront windows, billboards, and delivery boxes. Everyone with a smartphone can scan it immediately. 

Rather than being a buggy, confusing barcode, they’re now being used in a way that can drive value to the users. Given the increase in demand for a safe way to keep consumers engaged, the QR Code market is expected to see a massive surge. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants and retail outlets to adapt or modify delivery strategies. 


Right now, e-commerce-driven residential package deliveries are going strong for restaurants and retail outlets. While e-commerce platforms are subsidizing at the transaction level for a while, this is not a long term winning proposition for the merchants as all these platforms are getting crowded, they charge steep margins, and consumers may stop visiting physical outlets in the future because of the behavior change. 

MysteryQR driving the footfall to the physical store

MysteryQR code as a tool is coming to the rescue for the restaurants and retail outlets. Business owners are placing MysteryQR code on the delivery box that gets delivered by the e-commerce platforms. Upon scanning the user gets a mystery promo in the form of coupon, discount, freebie, or offer that can be redeemed in the next transaction at the physical store. It is a great hook to get the users back to the physical stores. 

MysteryQR driving leads of consumers

In the case of food delivery, it’s more than one person who eats hence in the event of everyone scanning the MysteryQR, merchants can build the data of their consumers who consumed their food or service and not only of the one who transacted via e-commerce platforms. If the mystery rewards are attractive, chances are high of people coming back to the outlet with the new set of people.

MysteryQR can improve your gross profit

Merchants can offer the promotions to the customers if they order directly from them and not via any e-commerce platform. BY doing that, merchants can save a lot of money that they currently pay in the form of margins to the delivery partners. If the volume is good, merchants can set up their own delivery channels. This is ideal for the hyperlocal stores. 


Let’s look at the type of offers merchants can run with MysteryQR that can be exciting for the consumers scanning at home to visit the physical outlets to make the next transaction

  1. Happy Hour offers meals and drinks to drive the traffic during off-peak hours. Example – “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” 
  2. Early bird offers for the limited number of people daily. People who come first get to redeem only. Example – Offer for first 10 people only
  3. Offers on the items that are perishable and should liquidate the inventory by end of the day. Example – Get pastry or muffin after 9:30 pm at a special price
  4. Offer for particular store only – Merchants can push offers promotions redeemable at their new store only.
  5. New Menu Launch – Get your customers to try out new menu at the restaurant at special price
4 Easy Steps to Receive a MysteryQR

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