Contactless Marketing – Need of the Hour

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and QR codes are coming to the rescue for businesses. The concepts of “social distancing”, “contactless marketing” and “safety first” are shaping up to be the new norms of interaction. Contactless marketing encourages social distancing while maintaining businesses operational. QR codes have become an indispensable part of our new contactless world and businesses are embracing them. 


QR codes are starting to pick up steam among the growing smartphone-browsing crowd – a statistic that has marketers brimming with creative ideas and promotions. Companies are finding innovative and unique ways to not only get you to scan their code, but boost its brand awareness in the process.  

The QR code wave is hitting the world.

QR Codes today are used everywhere, largely for marketing purposes to deliver an enhanced customer experience by brands and businesses of all sizes. But if you are a marketer who used QR Codes a decade back, you probably hate them. Back then, the mass end-users had a terrible experience in adopting QR Codes.


Most consumers had terribly slow speed internet, did not own a smartphone and even when they did, they had to download an app that took forever to scan a QR code. Upon scanning the QR code, the websites where users get redirected were not optimized for smartphones making the whole situation worse.


This is why QR Codes failed to pick up as a marketing tool as people were not using it back then.


Now businesses and brands have come to realize how powerful QR Codes are as a weapon to do contactless marketing. It is because of the following reasons:

  1. QR codes allow contactless marketing – This is one of the essential reasons why QR codes are useful and can serve as an effective marketing tool, especially now that we are facing the Covid 19 pandemic that requires us to minimize human contact. Customers can access QR codes using their smartphones and be in control of the situation.
  2. QR codes in marketing provide quick access to information – QR Code provides quick information directly to your target audience just by scanning them and without the need for bulky devices. Again, who doesn’t own a smartphone in this era?
  3. QR codes can build a relationship with customers – QR codes in marketing allows marketers and business people to have a more in-depth insight into their products and services, helping them build a deeper connection and trust with their customers.
  4. Bridge the gap between the online and offline world – Throughout the marketing campaign, marketers and business people use different types of medium to interact and engage with their audience, both offline and online media. QR codes help bridge this gap by integrating a virtual experience to their marketing that enhances the overall customer experience while being in a real-world setting.
  5. Access to real-time information – Using a Dynamic QR code generator online, you can also give out updated information about your products or services by changing the data behind your QR code anytime you want without having to re-print the QR code. You can easily update them about the changes in your product, and they can instantly access such information by scanning the QR code.
  6. QR codes in marketing pique customer’s curiosityCustomized QR codes can spark customers’ curiosity, and many brands are using them as part of their effective marketing strategy.
  7. QR codes to build customer databases – QR Code allows merchants to capture user data without requiring any physical contact. Brands are able to segment their customers with the help of data and market the targeted promotions, offers, or information. 
  8. QR codes are affordable – QR codes marketing is more affordable than other mobile marketing solutions owing to the various benefits. You can put QR code in various places, they do not need a lot of space, avoid reprinting exercise every time when your promotion changes, promote your marketing offers in a structured manner without requiring constant help from the professional content writers.

Boost traffic in shopping mall post Covid-19

COVID-19 has challenged companies all across the globe to rewrite their forecasts, rethink their budgets, and shift their mode of operations almost overnight. Contactless marketing is becoming the need of the hour as it encourages social distancing while maintaining businesses operational. QR Codes do not require any physical contact and have no distance limitations.


With most businesses trying to be back on their feet by not just relying on online sales to bounce back, mall operators are thinking of ways to drive foot traffic back to their malls. Having said that, traditional ways of driving foot traffic to shopping malls may not work as well as before. 


With social distancing and increased hygiene practices are now the norm all over, crowd puller strategies such as on ground events, roadshows are no longer practical as they once were pre-pandemic.


So as shopping malls gear up to revive their business, they need to think carefully about how to attract shoppers to their mall. In contrast to the depressing situation which malls are facing, e-commerce has benefited from this episode of the virus outbreak as people are now turning to online platforms to purchase almost everything, from their daily necessities to luxury items.


While traditional retailers can list themselves on the online platforms to keep their business afloat, shopping malls have another challenge to win back the shoppers who have settled down with their changed behaviour to buy things online. 


To help the malls to drive foot traffic, we’ve put together some ideas that they can weave into their bounce back strategy.

1. Place MysteryQR code on the delivery boxes – Restaurant owners and retailers are relying on the e-commerce delivery platforms that are bringing them orders. In order to build a way for all these customers to visit their physical stores post-coronavirus, merchants can put up MysteryQR code on the delivery boxes for their users to scan. Upon scanning, users will get a mystery promo that they can redeem in the next visit. Shopping mall operators can work with the retailers to offer some extra perks and promotions from their side like Free Parking or coupons.

2. Capitalize on the free parking space – Malls located in the city centre or in the vicinity of official complexes can offer mystery promos on the parking. This will attract users to park their vehicles in the mall. Malls do not necessarily need to give it for completely free. They can create 5-7 different offers, such as for off peak hours, early birds, or a few dollars off from the total parking fee, or for off-peak hours. Generate a MysteryQR and place them strategically to promote it.

3. Billboard outside the mall – Place a MysteryQR billboard on the sides of the mall building. People passing by can scan the MysteryQR to receive a mystery promo from the brands inside the mall. It can generate traffic for the mall as people would walk in to redeem the promo and the mall also gets to have the user data.

4. A giant MysteryQR – Mall operators can be creative and use it at places like at the foyer area or hanging to the ceiling or at any third place, as long as it grabs the visitor’s attention. Place a timer and users can scan the MysteryQR every hour to receive a mystery promo from the retailers. An excitement to re-scan the QR after every hour would mean users spending more time inside the mall.

5. Campaign linking online-offline channels – Mall operators can leverage on their incoming footfall by turning them as an influencer for their mall. Set up a nice installation with MysteryQR, drive the people to take a photo of it and share it online for their followers to scan and win a promo from the mall. The person with the most number of likes on the image gets to win a big bumper prize from the mall.

6. People walking in with MysteryQR – Have a group of people dressed up like a QR code to engage with the mall visitors. Unlike having someone handing over leaflets or flyers promoting the campaign, users proactively scan the QR code in order to receive a mystery promo from the mall.

7. Tie up with influencers or brand ambassadors – Get the influencers to show the mall’s MysteryQR to their followers to scan and win a mystery reward from the mall or merchants. This is a great way to drive a new set of users to the mall, build the database, and calculate the ROI on engaging with the influencers.

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How delivery boxes can drive footfall in the outlets?

The covid-19 outbreak has completely changed the way we live, the way we do business, and the way our economy functions as a whole. The COVID-19 crisis has led to a big increase in e-commerce around the world. It has become a major trend among consumers across all demographics. With the new buying habits that consumers are forming now, and the ways that businesses are adapting in response, existing customers are increasing the frequency of online purchases, and new customers are buying online for the first time. All this could translate to traditional physical stores likely to close down, if they fail to transform fast. 


QR codes have become an indispensable part of our new contactless world and businesses are embracing them. While you might not realize it, QR codes are in more places than you may think nowadays. To list a few, you can find the influencers using it, during live streams, in the magazines, on business cards, storefront windows, billboards, and delivery boxes. Everyone with a smartphone can scan it immediately. 

Rather than being a buggy, confusing barcode, they’re now being used in a way that can drive value to the users. Given the increase in demand for a safe way to keep consumers engaged, the QR Code market is expected to see a massive surge. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced restaurants and retail outlets to adapt or modify delivery strategies. 


Right now, e-commerce-driven residential package deliveries are going strong for restaurants and retail outlets. While e-commerce platforms are subsidizing at the transaction level for a while, this is not a long term winning proposition for the merchants as all these platforms are getting crowded, they charge steep margins, and consumers may stop visiting physical outlets in the future because of the behavior change. 

MysteryQR driving the footfall to the physical store

MysteryQR code as a tool is coming to the rescue for the restaurants and retail outlets. Business owners are placing MysteryQR code on the delivery box that gets delivered by the e-commerce platforms. Upon scanning the user gets a mystery promo in the form of coupon, discount, freebie, or offer that can be redeemed in the next transaction at the physical store. It is a great hook to get the users back to the physical stores. 

MysteryQR driving leads of consumers

In the case of food delivery, it’s more than one person who eats hence in the event of everyone scanning the MysteryQR, merchants can build the data of their consumers who consumed their food or service and not only of the one who transacted via e-commerce platforms. If the mystery rewards are attractive, chances are high of people coming back to the outlet with the new set of people.

MysteryQR can improve your gross profit

Merchants can offer the promotions to the customers if they order directly from them and not via any e-commerce platform. BY doing that, merchants can save a lot of money that they currently pay in the form of margins to the delivery partners. If the volume is good, merchants can set up their own delivery channels. This is ideal for the hyperlocal stores. 


Let’s look at the type of offers merchants can run with MysteryQR that can be exciting for the consumers scanning at home to visit the physical outlets to make the next transaction

  1. Happy Hour offers meals and drinks to drive the traffic during off-peak hours. Example – “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” 
  2. Early bird offers for the limited number of people daily. People who come first get to redeem only. Example – Offer for first 10 people only
  3. Offers on the items that are perishable and should liquidate the inventory by end of the day. Example – Get pastry or muffin after 9:30 pm at a special price
  4. Offer for particular store only – Merchants can push offers promotions redeemable at their new store only.
  5. New Menu Launch – Get your customers to try out new menu at the restaurant at special price
4 Easy Steps to Receive a MysteryQR

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How receipts drive customer retention?

QR codes have become an indispensable part of our new contactless world and businesses are embracing them. They aren’t necessarily new, you can see QR codes everywhere lately. To list a few, you can find them influencers using it, during live streams, in the magazines, on business cards, storefront windows, billboards, delivery boxes, and even on the thermal paper receipts. Everyone with a smartphone can scan it immediately.


To engage potential and existing customers, QR codes are a great way. Businesses are using it very effectively by printing QR codes directly onto their receipt. It offers a strong call to action. Many POS terminals, POS printers, cash registers, and credit card terminals are compatible to place graphics on every receipt.


Printing MysteryQR code on the receipts is a great way to reward current customers and it encourages repeat business. 


Your past customers are a huge asset to your business, especially in times like this when leads may be hard to come by. It’s more important than ever to maintain a strong relationship with your past and existing clients so they stay loyal to your business.

  • Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer.
  • Increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.
  • The success rate of selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is 5-20%.

When printed on a receipt, MysteryQR can have you achieve the following objectives:-

  1. Engage with the customers – Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Most brands tend to pay more attention to lead generation and customer acquisition. They forget that until these ideal customers are motivated, and upgraded in their state of mind, they’ll likely switch to competitors – it’s only a matter of time. The way you treat your customers matters. MysteryQR is a low cost tool that makes it possible for you to engage with your customers, every time they purchase from you. Pointing the customer while handing over the receipt that is a mystery reward for them that they can claim just with a one scan is a low hanging opportunity to grab the attention of the customer post sales.
  2. Instant Gratification – Users do not like ads, they love to get gratified. As per the survey, 80% of the customers appreciate instant gratification via mobile offers while shopping. MysteryQR is the smart way to gratify the customer post sales. Businesses issue stamp cards or loyalty cards which face the challenge of low claim and redemption rate. Upon scanning the MysteryQR on the receipt, the reward is straight away sent to the customer’s email id. It doesn’t get lost the way usual stamp cards or loyalty cards get lost as another piece of paper.
  3. Link offline to online – Merchants do multiple promotions at any point in time. It’s easy to manage the promotions in the online space. MysteryQR is the perfect tool to drive your customers to any one of the promotions that can be issued in a gamified manner.
  4. Build database – Success rate to manually request for customer’s contact detail is low. Upon scanning the MysteryQR, the customer gets a mystery promo and the merchant gets the user data. All that data can be part of your CRM funnel or database instantly.
  5. Drive new leads – Scanning a MysteryQR code takes a fraction of seconds. It does not require any app to download. Usual behaviour of the gamification aspect is that users want to try it then and there. Your staff can instantly gauge the reaction, hopefully good if the reward is exciting enough, of the customer. Staff can offer other people who come with the main person who is paying for the bill to scan the MysteryQR code as well to gratify them. With one receipt, you can build the database of everyone who comes to your store and not only of the person who pay the bill.
  6. Increase order value – Usually a business owner would know the average order value. Rather than giving a flat discount percentage off or dollar off, set the offers such as “Get X% or X dollar off with the minimum spend condition”. With those type of structures, you can bring up the average order value.
  7. Repeat Transaction – Drive customers to make the next transaction soon by using MysteryQR code. Rather than giving percentage off or dollar off, merchants can do the structures like “Get X dollars off if you transact again within a set period of time” or you can also moving your stock that is perishable or aging by doing structures such as “Get pastry for 10 cents after 9:30 PM – For First 10 people only”

There are two methods to print QR code on thermal paper receipts.

On front Thermal Side of Paper

In this way, you can print QR code on each receipt. If you are a retailer or anyone has a POS to print receipts, you can add your QR code on your default printer format. So each time you print a customer receipt, based on the sales information, it will have a QR code.


On Back Side of Paper with Full-Color Print

You can also choose to print QR codes on the back side of paper. Normally QR code is in black color. You can make it colorful.  Thermal paper factories can easily print on the receipt. 

4 Easy Steps to Receive a MysteryQR

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How business cards can acquire customers instantly?

We have already covered why marketers use MysteryQR, how it links online and offline world, and it’s overall use cases. Let us go through in detail the use case of MysteryQR on the business cards. 


A small enterprise operates in a highly competitive landscape with very lean resources. They do not get multiple shots to grab the attention of customers. Businesses are always on a lookout to make a customer feel special by offering discounts, promos, coupons, deals, giveaways.


Business cards are often the first piece of marketing you get printed when you start or join a new business. Despite its relatively small size, a MysteryQR code on the business card can elevate the marketing strategy of your small business. MysteryQR on the business card sets yourself apart from other business owners and professionals. 


Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Tool to engage with the users – While you introduce your business for the first time to a potential customer, MysteryQR on the business card can convert the potential customer from the awareness stage straight away to a customer who may transact instantly. 
  2. Instant Gratification – People do not like ads, they love to get gratified. You can instantly gratify the person by offering them a promo or coupon in a gamified manner with just one scan. “I don’t like mystery rewards,” said no one ever. 
  3. Data – With the business owners who are serving B2C, often a business owner offers the business card, but they do not get the business card in return or if they get the business card, then do not immediately manage to enter the details in their database. Upon scanning, the user gets a mystery promo and the merchant gets the user data.
  4. Make your business card go viral – You can straight away gauge the excitement from the person who scans your MysteryQR. Line up some good offers for your new users and put a seed in the mind of the user that they can share the MysteryQR code with their friends and family by taking a photo and forwarding it.  
  5. Get your new user to a loyal customer – You can get your user engaged with your brand for the longer period. All you have to do is tell the user that they can scan the QR code once every hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or daily. You can customize it at the back end. Would it not be beautiful if the new person whom you met for the first time, starts scanning your MysteryQR code frequently in order to get gratified. Chances of converting them to a loyal user goes higher with the MysteryQR.
4 Easy Steps to Receive a MysteryQR

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How MysteryQR brings down marketing costs

Small businesses looking to grow their presence know that internet marketing is a must. The shift toward digital marketing has become almost mandatory, impacting small businesses big time. Digital Marketing is always evolving, and even the most trusted digital marketing resources can go out of date almost overnight. Small businesses do not have the luxury of having a big size team or enough financial resources to invest in the best talent.


Topic of online marketing can be challenging to execute whether it is running facebook ads, staying creative on various channels, working with a lean budget, and staying up to date with the new innovations taking place. The overall cost of creating sustainable digital marketing strategies can be immense. 


Even at the offline side, small enterprises spend a lot of their resources in printing, reprinting marketing assets. The shelf life of many such marketing assets are very low, at times even just a day. Small enterprises often do not completely utilize their internal ecosystem that can be used to push marketing campaigns. Visiting Cards, delivery boxes, packaging, receipts, staff, merchandising space are not being used creatively. Walk into a shopping mall and you will see every merchant doing a flat discount percentage off promotion by putting up standee outside the store. There is nothing creative in doing that. Every month a similar strategy is utilized on a new standee. All this is a cost and it doesn’t translate into a consistent spike in sales. Worst is that the reach of all those promotions is limited. People outside the mall don’t even get to know about these campaigns.


With MysteryQR, enterprises create the gamified campaigns that are engaging for the customers, amplify them on multiple channels, and build communication channels for future interactions with the customers who scan the MysteryQR code. 


  • Gamified campaigns to engage with the customers – Users do not like ads, they love to get gratified. A small enterprise operates in a highly competitive landscape with very lean resources. They do not get multiple shots to grab the attention of customers. Businesses are always on a lookout to make a customer feel special by offering discounts, promos, coupons, deals, giveaways. In order to gain an unfair advantage over others who are possibly trying to do the same, marketers use MysteryQR as it’s a gamified way to gratify the customers. Gamification is a new but rapidly growing trend impacting a wide range of areas such as education, marketing, and others. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of gamification. Gartner studies highlight that 70% of companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list are currently using gamification techniques and that 50% of innovation processes will be gamified in the coming years. The striking aspect of gamification is that it drives the customer engagement by keeping the marketing cost optimal. Popularity of spin the wheel or scratch cards is known to us. With the growing demand of contactless marketing, MysteryQR is rising to the occasion as customers can scan it from a distance to claim a promo from the merchant. All they need is a phone with a QR code reader which everybody has these days. 
  • Amplify the campaigns on multiple channels/platforms – Marketing is not about spending money, it is about having multiple channels. Businesses who struggle to push their brand out have one thing in common, they do not make the most out of the internal resources. They rely on online mediums such as facebook ads, internet marketing, attractive promos such as giving deep discounts but do not leverage on the channels that they can use. Businesses can use MysteryQR via channels like social media, delivery boxes, receipts, billboards, visiting cards, flyers, live streaming, influencers, blogs, press releases, window decals, merchandise, and so on. Businesses even put it on their staff t-shirts or ask their staff to encourage customers to scan it. 
  • Build communication channels with the customers – There are many CRM companies out there that serve big businesses only. Small business owners do not have access to affordable, simple, and scalable tools that can build their database and further can be used to communicate with their customers. Current mindset is that one has to have a website to establish communication channels. For small enterprises, solutions should be fairly simple that merchants can use. With MysteryQR, merchants can build the database, collect user information. All that data can be used from multiple perspectives for example – to target the users who scan frequently to notify them about future events, or new launches, promotions etc.

Affordable and scalable way to gratify your customers

Illustration describing a loyalty member card with Mystery QR and a woman receiving a reward on mobile phone

Loyalty programs gratify only those who are a member, card holder or the person who is paying the bill while MysteryQR gratifies all your customers.


For decades, businesses of all sizes have been using loyalty programs to gratify the customers by rewarding them. This is all done to keep them coming back.


Nowadays, businesses of all sizes and in just about every industry are using customer reward programs to improve customer loyalty and to make more sales. From Best Buy to Amazon to the confectionary shop down the street, companies are finding success with these rewards programs.


In fact, companies now spend over $2 billion each year on loyalty programs. Furthermore, the average consumer is a member of about 18 different customer rewards programs.


Ever gotten a punch card at a sandwich shop? For every certain number of sandwiches you buy, the shop gives you a free sandwich. Sounds simple but there is a decent cost attached to it.


Having a loyalty program by a SME owner is not a cup of tea. There are certain challenges for them such as:-

  1. Crowded Space – The entire loyalty and rewards program space is getting competitive. Everybody is trying to woo their audience by giving extra rewards, upsize cash back, or bonus points on top of the usual rewards.
  2. Cost – From coming up with the right structure that can give you an edge over the competition, to printing, to building an entire rewards mechanism, loyalty platforms and reward programs can be very expensive and out of reach for SMEs. Also all the points issued sit as a liability in the balance sheet.
  3. Customization – Most of the loyalty programs end up catering to around 4-5 consumer profiles – Basic, Bronze, Gold, Platinum. Customizing it mid-way is not an easy task. Businesses need to pen down a complete operating model before they start building loyalty programs.
  4. Urgency – Redemption rate of loyalty points usually stays low which also shows that it doesn’t bring in immediate rush factor among the audience.

SMEs look for solutions that are simple to understand by their staff, affordable for them, and technology wise it should not be complicated that leads them to educate their staff and consumers.


While trends in brand loyalty and customer retention are constantly evolving and advancing, all these advancements may not be cost friendly to install and execute.


That’s precisely what MysteryQR offers with its gamified concept to enhance the customer experience for SMEs. In order to gratify the customers, SMEs can use MysteryQR that gratifies the customer upon scanning. One of the big wins that is achieved by using MysteryQR is that SMEs or marketers can gratify everyone who comes and not only to the person who is paying the bill or owns a loyalty card.


For SMEs, MysteryQR works perfectly because of the following reasons:-

  1. Low Cost – While rewards are a cost, setting up the entire loyalty program itself is a cost. MysteryQR provides the most affordable solution to the merchants to gratify their customers. It cost a fraction of what usual loyalty programs cost and issuing the rewards in a gamification manner further brings down the rewards cost. Upon scanning, you get a mystery promo and not a set template such as a flat discount offer. It is like how a scratch card or spin the wheel gratifies the user.
  2. Gamification – According to Snipp, brands that incorporate gamification into their customer engagement strategies see a 47% rise in engagement, a 22% rise in brand loyalty, and a 15% rise in brand awareness. The same study also found that more than two-thirds of the world’s top 2,000 companies have already embraced gamification. MysteryQR helps merchants to incorporate gamification aspects while issuing rewards. It doesn’t require any tech integration or require users to download any app or store the rewards. All they need is a smartphone which everybody has these days. That’s it!
  3. Instant Gratification – 80% of the consumers prefer instant gratification via mobile offers while shopping. Concept of earning points, accumulating it, and redeeming it at some point in future works for industries like Airlines as users understand that they will have to perform some more actions before winning something substantial. From SMEs, users expect it to be a simple process and it is joyous to receive instant reward. It can be something that can be redeemed in the next visit or merchants can keep it in a manner where customers get more benefit if they spend more or within a particular time period.
  4. Target mass market – With MysteryQR, merchants can reward everyone and not limited only to the person who is paying the bill or having a loyalty app. Attracting the entire community or group of people is more beneficial for the SMEs rather than rewarding one person. People love to get gratified. They do not like to see ads. Gratifying someone with MysteryQR also drives the consumers to call upon their friends and family to try it out.
  5. Optimizing your resources – SMEs face an issue of non-moving inventory that is holding the shelf space or it could be perishable inventory. MysteryQR allows the merchant to use that inventory by giving them as a reward to their loyal or high spending customers. Rewards can be like “Spend X amount in the last 1 hour and win something special” or “First 10 customers after 9 PM get to win a mystery reward”

Use Cases of MysteryQR

The aim of promotion is to increase awareness, create interest, generate sales, or create brand loyalty. Businesses run multiple promotions at any given point in time and they try to use as many channels as possible to amplify their promotions in order to maximize the reach. With MysteryQR, businesses can collate all of their promotions into one QR code and share it across different channels. Businesses can set the offers, play with the quantity as per the situation, push new themes, and more. Upon scanning, the user gets a mystery reward from the business and in return business gets advantages like optimizing their cost, measuring the campaign’s performance, gaining user data, and providing a gamified experience to the user.


Businesses who are looking to grow in today’s world know that both online and offline platforms are vital to their marketing campaigns. They both have wide reaches into different audiences, and one can cover where the other may not be easily visible.


With MysteryQR, businesses can link people from any offline media to any digital content, that further gives them the ability to retarget these users, and gain valuable information from them like where the best buyers come from, which campaign performs best, etc.


Since pretty much everybody has a smart device nowadays, they can scan and use the QR codes pretty easily. Just incentivize them, offer rewards by using the MysteryQR code and get them into your digital marketing funnel.


Coupons and vouchers are a great way to build bridges with potential customers. QR codes are a good way to track the success of your campaign, and even potentially build a database of users for later remarketing.


MysteryQR codes can be printed on any media: billboards, bus stops, coupons, flyers, digital signage, or even on visiting cards -where you will use QR codes is only limited by your imagination!

Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Business Cards – Put up a MysteryQR on your business card and make it an ice breaker by getting the recipient to scan the QR and gratify it with a coupon promo. Recipients will love you for that as everyday he/she will look forward to receiving an exciting promo. It is like you are handing over a lifetime scratch card to someone. Good part is that now you do not have to spend tons of money printing scratch cards.
  • Delivery Boxes – Food delivery companies charge 20 to 40% margin on every delivery. What if behavior becomes that customers just start ordering stuff online? In order to keep them engaged, merchants can put up a MysteryQR on the delivery box and target the customers by doing a promo that can be controlled from the backend. Merchants can play with their inventory and push it out to attract their customers to come over.
  • Receipts – Noticed Starbucks putting up Wifi password on their receipt? In the same manner, merchants can put up a MysteryQR on the receipt to gratify their customers. This works very well as a part of retention strategy.
  • Press Release – Insert a MysteryQR in your next press release, can bring in surprising results. Apart from getting the user data, if you place some good coupons in your MysteryQR, then don’t be surprised if your article goes viral. Usually PR articles go outdated after the initial few days or weeks but with your mystery promotions, the lifeline of your article can go up.
  • Blogs – Same is the case with the blogs. You spend so much money on SEO. Wouldn’t it be great if your readers also start sharing your blogs within their own circle or on their social media profiles? All that can happen if you leave a reward for your readers by using MysteryQR.
  • Staff – MysteryQR is a great tool that can be used by the staff to gratify your customers by rewarding not only the one who is paying the bill but to everyone who comes together in a group. All you have to do is get your staff to share MysteryQR and offer it to everyone to see what they win. No one ever said no to a promo reward.
  • Billboards – A QR code is similar to a nicely wrapped Christmas present. You look at the present and immediately want to know what’s inside it. But you can’t know until you open it. The same happens with MysteryQR. Grab the attention of the entire city by placing a MysteryQR with the text “Scan to Win”. Surely everybody is going to give a try and out of those many may end up taking the photo of it to share it further in their social media. This is ideal guerilla marketing.
  • Influencers – Calculating ROI in Influencer marketing has been tricky. With MysteryQR, you can count the number of people who scanned the QR code to claim the promo. All you need to do is that rather than writing the coupon code in text, have your influencer to show it in the photo asking his followers “Scan to Win”
  • Social Media – People do not like to see ads, people like to get gratified. Even if you tell about your in-store promo in your family chat group, you will be boycotted. Hence next time share the MysteryQR in your social platform and get the group members to participate in this gamified concept. People are likely to share it further in their own circle if you have lined up some good promos for the masses.