How MysteryQR brings down marketing costs

Small businesses looking to grow their presence know that internet marketing is a must. The shift toward digital marketing has become almost mandatory, impacting small businesses big time. Digital Marketing is always evolving, and even the most trusted digital marketing resources can go out of date almost overnight. Small businesses do not have the luxury of having a big size team or enough financial resources to invest in the best talent.


Topic of online marketing can be challenging to execute whether it is running facebook ads, staying creative on various channels, working with a lean budget, and staying up to date with the new innovations taking place. The overall cost of creating sustainable digital marketing strategies can be immense. 


Even at the offline side, small enterprises spend a lot of their resources in printing, reprinting marketing assets. The shelf life of many such marketing assets are very low, at times even just a day. Small enterprises often do not completely utilize their internal ecosystem that can be used to push marketing campaigns. Visiting Cards, delivery boxes, packaging, receipts, staff, merchandising space are not being used creatively. Walk into a shopping mall and you will see every merchant doing a flat discount percentage off promotion by putting up standee outside the store. There is nothing creative in doing that. Every month a similar strategy is utilized on a new standee. All this is a cost and it doesn’t translate into a consistent spike in sales. Worst is that the reach of all those promotions is limited. People outside the mall don’t even get to know about these campaigns.


With MysteryQR, enterprises create the gamified campaigns that are engaging for the customers, amplify them on multiple channels, and build communication channels for future interactions with the customers who scan the MysteryQR code. 


  • Gamified campaigns to engage with the customers – Users do not like ads, they love to get gratified. A small enterprise operates in a highly competitive landscape with very lean resources. They do not get multiple shots to grab the attention of customers. Businesses are always on a lookout to make a customer feel special by offering discounts, promos, coupons, deals, giveaways. In order to gain an unfair advantage over others who are possibly trying to do the same, marketers use MysteryQR as it’s a gamified way to gratify the customers. Gamification is a new but rapidly growing trend impacting a wide range of areas such as education, marketing, and others. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of gamification. Gartner studies highlight that 70% of companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list are currently using gamification techniques and that 50% of innovation processes will be gamified in the coming years. The striking aspect of gamification is that it drives the customer engagement by keeping the marketing cost optimal. Popularity of spin the wheel or scratch cards is known to us. With the growing demand of contactless marketing, MysteryQR is rising to the occasion as customers can scan it from a distance to claim a promo from the merchant. All they need is a phone with a QR code reader which everybody has these days. 
  • Amplify the campaigns on multiple channels/platforms – Marketing is not about spending money, it is about having multiple channels. Businesses who struggle to push their brand out have one thing in common, they do not make the most out of the internal resources. They rely on online mediums such as facebook ads, internet marketing, attractive promos such as giving deep discounts but do not leverage on the channels that they can use. Businesses can use MysteryQR via channels like social media, delivery boxes, receipts, billboards, visiting cards, flyers, live streaming, influencers, blogs, press releases, window decals, merchandise, and so on. Businesses even put it on their staff t-shirts or ask their staff to encourage customers to scan it. 
  • Build communication channels with the customers – There are many CRM companies out there that serve big businesses only. Small business owners do not have access to affordable, simple, and scalable tools that can build their database and further can be used to communicate with their customers. Current mindset is that one has to have a website to establish communication channels. For small enterprises, solutions should be fairly simple that merchants can use. With MysteryQR, merchants can build the database, collect user information. All that data can be used from multiple perspectives for example – to target the users who scan frequently to notify them about future events, or new launches, promotions etc.